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Shipping policy

Below you will find a model for the shipping policy of the online store. Please make sure that the terms on this page match the functionality of your online store.

[You can replace enclosed brackets with your data].

Shipping Policy


[E-Commerce Name] is a marketplace operated by [your company name] where products are sold by [your company name (business ID, address, telephone number)]. [Name of your Company] reserves the right to modify this Shipping Policy by unilateral decision without prior notice.


The payment intermediary of the Online Store is [the payment service you use]. You can pay for purchases using [payment methods in your store].

It's always a good idea to add more detailed information about the payment methods you use. For example, billing surcharges and interest rates for billing and installment services should be mentioned.

Shipping and shipping costs

At the checkout, you can choose your preferred shipping method. In [your country], [the transport companies you use] following shipping options are available.

Here you can add even more detailed information about the shipping options you provide.

The shipping costs included in the order are displayed on the store's checkout page in connection with the shipping method and the order summary. The selected shipping method and the content of the order affect the shipping costs.

Delivery time

The delivery times of the products are indicated in the product information. Generally, the delivery time is [your average delivery time] days but may vary by product or delivery method. Possibly different delivery times are indicated separately on the online store's website.

Return Policy

The products ordered from the e-shop have a 14-day return right under the Consumer Protection Act from the date of ordering.

Here you can attach more detailed return instructions to the customer (to which address will be returned and how. Will the return be agreed separately with the trader, or can the customer send). It may also be good to make a completely separate return instructions page for the store because that's the information customers often need. 

It would be best to inquire with the transport company about the return policies and the additional services intended for them.

Finqu management can also print a ready-made return form that can be placed on the customer's order. The customer can mark the returned products and the reasons for the return and associate them with the return.

Customer service

If you have problems placing an order or delivering it, please contact our customer service.

[Contact details of customer service. Email, phone.]